My research interests center on modeling and measuring design thinking as it develops in digital learning environments.

Golnaz Arastoopour

Epistemic Games Lab

STEM Learning | Design Thinking | Game-Based Learning | Embedded Assessment| Learning Analytics | Engineering Education


My primary research interests include how the skills, knowledge, identity, values, and epistemology of a practice can be measured in the discourse, especially in online learning environments, as well as network visualization of these data.

Wesley Collier

Epistemic Games Lab


I am interested in how sense of place in an online learning environment may affect cognitive, affective, and behavioral changes in students.

Amanda Siebert-Evenstone

Epistemic Games Lab

Collaborative Learning | Practice-Based Learning | STEM Learning | Discourse Analytics | Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning | Place-Based Learning | Scientific ModelingCivic Engagement


I’m currently using computational methods (e.g., Markov Models, Naive Bayes) to look at patterns of participation and collaborative learning in museum visitors’ discourse.

Catherine Dornfeld

Interactive Learning & Design Lab

Collaborative Learning | Real World Problem Solving | Discourse Analytics | Learning Analytics | Design-Based Research | Informal Learning | STEM Learning | Integrated STEM Education | Embedded Assessment | Embodied Cognition | Educational Simulations | Design Thinking


My research is currently focused on how teachers customize immersive learning environments to create authentic STEM learning experiences.

Tiffany Herder

Epistemic Games Lab

STEM Learning | Pedagogical Authoring | Complex Thinking | Learning Analytics | Game-Based Learning


My research investigates how teachers support students to develop an understanding of scientific practices.

Nicole Martin

Interactive Learning & Design Lab

STEM Learning | Professional Development | Teacher Knowledge and Beliefs | Design-Based Research


I am currently developing an adaptive environment for learning robotic electrical systems that is modified based on the student’s phase of interest in robotics and engineering.

Joe Michaelis


STEM Learning | Human-Computer Interaction | Engineering Education | Adaptive Educational Technologies | Design-Based Research | Educational Research Methods | Learning Analytics | Interest Development


My research focuses on natural language processing techniques, the reliability and validity of automated coding methods, and ways to combine epistemic network analysis and social network analysis.

Brendan Eagan

Epistemic Games Lab

Complex Thinking | Learning Analytics | Professional Development | Educational Research Methods | Reliability and Validity in Research Studies | Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning | Place-Based Learning


I am currently working on completing my dissertation, entitled “Gatekeepers of Science: A mixed-methods investigation into the nature and effects of expert scientists’ multimodal discourse during grant peer review,” in which I examine differences in how expert scientists write about versus speak about their evaluations of scientific grant applications, explore how reviewers’ hand gestures provide additional information about such evaluations, and how the use of videoconferencing mediates the processes and outcomes of collaborative grant peer review.

Elizabeth Pier


Discourse Analytics | Embodied Cognition


My research examines how a haptic technology for mobile devices supports socially shared regulated learning in science classrooms.

Suzanne Rhodes

Interactive Learning & Design Lab

Regulated Learning | Representations | Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning | Human-Computer InteractionDesign-Based Research


My dissertation research examines how secondary personalized learning environments monitor and assess students’ noncognitive academic skills development.

Julia Rutledge

Performance Assessments | Personalized Learning | Social and Personal Skills


Swiecki Z 3_profile

My research focuses on the design of virtual learning environments and the development of innovative assessment techniques within them.

Zach Swiecki

Epistemic Games Lab

Educational Data Mining | Human-Computer Interaction | Complex Thinking | Learning Analytics | Game-Based Learning


My research focuses on student-generated representations and process that support learning of visual-spatial content in the STEM fields.

Sally Wu

Learning, Representations, & Technology Lab

STEM Learning | Representations | Scientific Modeling | Embodied Cognition | Regulated Learning